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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Great Fine Art promotions ends Monday

ONLY Two days left on my Fine Art America Promotion. Don't miss out. Holidays are coming soon.
Reproductions of my art make awesome gifts. You an even get them framed.
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Here are just a few but there are many more paintings to chose from.

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(A bit of information on how I paint... about my palette)
One of the things that make my work very unique is my palette. Unlike many artist at use paint straight from the tube I mix my own colors and shades. Usually right on the canvas as I paint, but if necessary on my palette. Color theory and color mixing is one of my strong points and I can visualize the color I want and know exactly what other I colors and how much, I have to use to mix and achieve my results. When you
compare my work to other oil painters especially those that paint impasto you will see many nuances and unique colors in my work. Each painting I create has a unique character and my work never looks cookie cutter. I have hundreds of my own unique recipes for different shades of green and other colors like different red or blues or neutrals and so on.

All this is the result of long experience as well as studying those artists that I most admire, the traditional impressionists and post impressionist. I look at their work closely, often in Museums imagining how they mixed colors to create those interesting and now famous paintings.

I also use some of the best quality artists paints that have strong pigments, like Williamsburg for example.

I use the same knowledge and gift for colors in my approach in watercolors or any other medium.
People often ask me "How do you get those great colors?" I would have to say in the same way a great saxophone player or trumpet player or piano player, or vocalist tease out the most beautiful sounds of their instrument. Much is learned, most is talent.


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