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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Annecy France Large Impressionist Oil Painting

These are some images of one of my latest commission. The painting is a large 48 inch wide and 36 inch tall oil painting of Annecy France a romantic village in France, famous of it's canals and a favorite for visitors to the South Eastern region of France. Gayle and her Husband David, who commissioned me to paint this work for them, generously emailed me some photos, now that the painting is hanging in their home, and gave me permission to post them. It was such a pleasure to work with them. They live in their beautiful home in Texas. Interestingly every year I get a lot commissions and sales from Collectors out of Texas. Texas is being very good to me! Doing commission work is especially satisfying because I get to work closely with my clients, I really enjoy that. I think it looks fantastic. If you are also interested in a unique commission please contact me. I do Oil Paintings as well as Watercolor commissions.
Hi Gayle and David. I can't thank you enough for everything!!!

Annecy Canal Oil Painting

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