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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pictures of my Life

Nature and everything in it is glorious

My O'Mally Is A Beauty!

It's amazing that it can take a whole lifetime before one sees the light!

Once I was blind but now I see!

This is in my backyard and it is the spot where our Tommy is burried. He died in a tragic accident one morning. It was gut wrenching. The litte Orio in the picture left one day and never came back. Now we have four left.

Me and my beloved Horse "Oberst" long time ago! When you love like that you will end up in lots of pain too. One goes with the other! Horses and I are deeply connected.

Before the floor was painted in my

This is my new studio when it was halfway finished. Now it's much more cluttered.

I like to keep my tubes of oil paint in show organisers. At least that is how it started now... it's a bit more disorganised!

This was taken when I had a store front. Turns out I much rather paint in solitude, close to my garden and flowers. So now my studio is in my basement.

"Grand Amour" I love this perfume!

One of my favorite perfumes

"Kenzo Jungle"

I love this little German Porclain Figurine. It's sitting on my window in ... guess what... my bath rooom :-)

One of my four cats "O'Mally"

Here is a picture of some of my watercolor paints

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Beatriz Kim said...

Love the pics! Thanks for sharing a little more of your life! Love the studio space...I wish I had one...