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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting to Know Chickens

This is me at the Two Dove Farm where I buy Free Range Eggs. I will soon go back and get some more.

I don't use many eggs at all and try to be totally vegan but some cheese and eggs still find their way in to my diet. At most I use two eggs a week and mostly in baking.

It's been almost a year since I stopped consuming any and all meat and almost no dairy, except for the rare occasional egg or cheese. Must be the French in me the I just can't let go of Brie and Camembert! I am working on it because dairy is hard on my digestive system. I am now using Silk the soy milk and IT'S GREAT Stuff. I highly recommend it. High in protein, low in fat, zero saturated fat, without the antibiotic residue that you find inevitably in milk. The cows have to be treated for or to prevent so many diseases they are drugged up non stop. It's funny because I hated milk even when I was a kid but was forced to drink it. It made me gag until I got used to it. Still I had stomach problems my whole life until now.

When I told my cardiologist I became a vegan he was elated.

As far as Eggs I like to know where they come from and this farm is only about 5 miles from where I live with lots of Happy Chickens.

Those chickens are the best. They came running as soon as they saw me and look about as happy as can be. They have lots of free room to roam and the eggs are THE BEST! I grow lots of vegetables myself but I am not as good a gardener as they are and I will have to stop by Two Dove farm for this and that this year again. Their green beans are great. I am growing my own beans and I will see how they do this year. I am growing potatoes as well.

If you life in Georgia check out the Organic "Two The Dove Farm"!

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Beatriz Kim said...

Love to learn about your other life...normal human being...not just the great artist!

What a great way to get eggs!

The New Monet said...

Thanks Beatriz for you sweet comment.
I don't know how normal my neighbors think I am when they see me treat my four cats like their are my children :-)