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Monday, December 1, 2008

My childhood idol was and still is ...

If someone would ask me who my childhood idol was I would first of all say my grand parents.
I adored them with all my heart.
Beyond that I still remember idolizing this one person.

I wanted my hair cut like her, I wanted to be as beautiful as she was and still is, I wanted to sing like her and be as charming as her.

Even today with me being older, I still grin from ear to ear when I see her and listen to her, she just makes me happy. When she sings sad songs she makes me sad. She is just marvelous! She is a true artist.

She still is even today the most amazing voice and singer/performer I have ever heard and probably ever will hear. Her range is unlimited, her voice as clear as a bell.

She grabs my heart with her vocal delivery and is that not what art is all about.

Her name is Mireille Mathieu

She was born in Avignon France, as one of 14 Children. She is the oldest.

And she sings in many languages too...
"My Way" in German

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