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Sunday, November 30, 2008

One Of The Best Decisions I made is...

Fellow artists often ask me how do you sell your work?

I've sold over 1000 paintings to collectors around the world and I am one of the best selling artists on art.com Buy artwork by Ginette Callaway at Art.com

Today there are numerous ways to promote yourself online, from your own website (but you have to create traffic, otherwise it's meaningless) to blogs and social networking sites. You can buy advertising but make sure you're targeting the right demographics. Do your research first.

Of course you want to attract buyers if your goal is to sell art.
Buyers don't necessarily hang out on artist sites or personal blog sites.

You would want to determine what the demographics is for the type of art you create and learn how to find buyers in that demographic.

With all that said I have to say one of the best decision I've made is to offer prints of my work.

For many years I hesitated doing that, thinking it would be more attractive for buyers to purchase originals that never go to print. But I have been short changing myself.
I received more an more requests from collectors for prints as well as from and galleries that sell framed prints.

About two years ago I decided to offer prints and was excepted by art.com where I listed over 300 of my works.
I was lucky because a few months after, art.com stopped excepting submission and instead started a new site for living artists called Artist Rising.

Today most of my prints sales come from art.com and allposters.com
If you go to allposters.com simply search for my name Ginette Callaway and you will see my art available, or you can scroll to the bottom of this post and see a store window featuring my work.

Frame your posters and prints!
Frame your posters and prints!

The commission adds up and makes up a nice chunk of money every months. This was indeed a smart decision and every time I get my check I am glad I joined them when it was still possible. Apart from earning a living, the uplifting aspect is to know how, many people love my work enough to buy it. That's is priceless!

I want to give a shout out to the art.com & allposters.com people for doing such a great job of promoting and selling my prints. Thanks folks, I appreciate your hard work!!!

Another site I joined for fine art prints of my work is imagekind.
Imagekind is fantastic in that they offer prints on paper and on canvas. They have an array of fine art papers and two types of canvas. They offer frames and matting and all kind of sizes.

I have been able to sell wholesale in volume to galleries that offer framed prints and deal with hotel chains, doctor's offices, and other business that look for art.

This also has been profitable to me and I also want to thank imagekind for choosing me as a featured artist not to long ago.

Offering my work as prints was the best decision I made in the last three years.
I may in the future offer prints that are signed and numbered and can be ordered directly from my web site, you have to stay tunes for that.

Te hardest part is knowing which painting to chose as a limited edition.
art.com will have two of my paintings as signed limited edition. I have to see exactly when. I'll follow up on that.

Ginette on art.com:

Buy artwork by Ginette Callaway at Art.com

Buy artwork by Ginette Callaway_2 at Art.com

Buy artwork by Ginette Callaway_3 at Art.com

Buy artwork by Ginette Callaway_Horses at Art.com

Ginette On Imagekind "Nature & Places Gallery"

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