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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just when you feel dreary, I paint you some Poppies

Drunk On Poppies
Oil and Ink on Belgium Linen
Artist: Ginette Callaway
Size : 20 x 24 x 0.75 inches (Sides are painted in red. Painting is ready to hang)
This painting is varnished!
Signed: Yes! Front and back
Time of Creation: 2008

Those that know my work probably know that I love love love to paint poppies. I've done them in about any medium and any shape and form possible including blue poppies.

This painting is in my famous style of squiggly ink work but instead of watercolor I used oil paint in this one.

Oil paint is very versatile. I usually paint in impasto style but in this one I diluted the oil paint with turpentine and medium to make it runny and achieve similar effects as I would with watercolors. I totally love the way it came out. The color are really this vibrant.
Please look at the close up pictures for detail.

It's also painted on fine Belgium linen which I love.
I prefer painting on line and do it whenever my budget allows. Linen is much more expensive then cotton canvas.

Don't let this one get away if you love it get it now.
People sometimes ask me to repaint something because they missed buying it when it was available. I have to say my style is very intuitive and trying to get the same result is impossible and I like it that way. I want you to have something truly unique.

I've listed this for $499 and free shipping and that is pretty much as low as I would sell this. Normally it would go up for about $800 but with the holidays coming up I am trying to turn this over as quickly as possible. Grab it up today! It's really a treasure to behold when you see it :-)

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