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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Watercolor Paintings on Canvas or Linen by Ginette

Do you love watercolor paintings?

If you're answer is yes, but you don't like the matting and framing that comes with it, I have good news.

I can and have painted watercolors on canvas. Painting watercolors on canvas is becoming more and more popular.

There are those collectors that love their watercolors on paper, I paint many pieces on traditional support, which is paper, but there are also those, that rather have something, they can display without a frame or glass. 

That is where I come in. I have painted many watercolor and ink on canvas. I did a recent commission of a larger piece you may see me paint it in this video. On the left is a detail of a watercolor and Ink that I painted on Russian Linen. Both paintings are sold, but if you contact me we can talk about your painting.

Ginette Painting Watercolor and Ink Sunflowers and Poppies Provence from Ginette Callaway on Vimeo.

 So please contact me if you are interested in having me paint you a watercolor and ink on canvas. 

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