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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Modern Impressionist Oil Painting Life at The Lily Pond by Ginette Callaway

Ginette Callaway's "Life At The lily Pond"

Original Oil Painting
The dimensions are 24 inches tall and 36 inches wide (61 x 91.4 Centimeters)


This awe-inspiring piece, Life by the Lily Pond by Ginette Callaway, is sure to make your jaw drop. The presence and stunning brushwork exhibited in this beautiful work of modern impressionism is an exceptional depiction of vibrant life by the lily pond.

I love the spectrum of perfectly balanced complementary colors gracefully detailing the roots of trees, lily reflections in the water, and ripples of layered bright hues. The thick, rich, and multi-dimensional brushstrokes add to the dynamic vigor and spirit of this piece.

The sky is illuminated by floral textures and each exuberant stroke carries its own weight, meaning, significance, and power. The luminescent sky blends with elegant reflections in the water, creating an atmosphere of boundless beauty. Callaway converses with Monet on the canvas and invites art-lovers to participate and engage in this lively conversation.

The blue, violet, rich red, and sunshine yellow hues pop with magnificent glow in the ripples of water, flowers, trees, and clouds, giving us the joyful gift of color-infused nature.

Your marveling eyes are also taken on a journey of movement throughout the canvas, exploring the many wonderful facets of nature and life on the lily pond. Embark on this journey with Callaway´s soulful oil painting.


If you would like to purchase this painting visit Ginette's Web Site ginettecallaway.com

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Modern Impressionist Oil painting by Ginette

Modern Impressionist Oil painting by Ginette

Modern Impressionist Oil painting by Ginette