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Friday, March 14, 2014

Ginette Callaway paints Jekyll Island Sunrise Amazing Modern Impressionism

I used to visit #Jekyll #Island off the #Georgia #Coast almost yearly about 20 years ago. I stopped doing it about ten years ago. The last time I went and stayed for a few days, was with my mother who visited from Germany. What I loved most about Jekyll Island was that it was very non touristy. There were only two restaurants and no stores other than a small convenient store. Everything you needed, you had to bring from the mainland, which suits me just fine, since I did the simple life thing. It was only about a 30 minute trip off the Island, to get everything you needed in #Brunswick Georgia.
It was great to find an affordable beach front hotel, even if it did have all the amnesties and there was no fast food place in walking distance, which too suited me just fine. You could get a decent room for under 100 or tops 120 dollars a night with view of the ocean. it was a poor man/women/s paradise back then.
All I wanted was a place to escape and relax away from the usual noise, yelling, running, music, and human entrainment activities that you often find on beaches. On Jekyll Island you felt thrown back in to a time of "before discovery" at least it felt that way.
Now Jekyll island has been developed and when I took a short trip a couple of years ago just to see I was shocked and left shortly.
Prices have shot through the roof and it's not affordable anymore for someone like myself.
There was still lots of construction and everything seemed to have changed. Where you once saw the ocean from the street there were now hills of sand piled up. A fast food place was being build. I guess we can't survive with at least one on every corner. A large convention center was build right by the ocean.
I said my goodbys and prefer to keep the memories of Jekyll Island from 15 or 20 years ago. I got to see the most beautiful sunrises just like in this painting. All you heard were the ocean, the wind, the seagulls, and you could see dolphins swimming and jumping off the coast. The trees all grow toward the land, blown by the Atlantic winds, that blow steadily, it all looks very unique. I walked the beach and there were few people. Loggerhead turtle tracks and driftwood and to my happy surprise NO litter, plastic bottles and other trash humans often throw down wherever they stand. It was a magical place. I'll miss you Jekyll Island!
View from my balcony last time I visited #Jekyll #Island #Georgia
Work in Progress.  #Oil on canvas 36 x 36 inches
This painting will be available to purchase very soon.
If you are interested please contact me.
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The finished 36 x 36 inch painting

Georgia Paintings by Ginette Callaway
Under painting for Jekyll island Sunrise Georgia oil painting

Progress Photos

Jekyll Island Sunrise Work in Progress
Work in Progress Photo 2

Jekyll Island Sunrise Work in Progress
Work In Progress Photo 3