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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Monet having a Picasso Moment or Worse

Do you like a bit of wacky humorous or simply weird. This is for you. Definitely great for a child's room. Can be customized/ I did a whole series of what I call doodles, while I was spending days and hours at jury duty. You can contact me at ginette@ginettefineart.com if you like me to design custom work. Same for licensing.

These would also be great for a Psychiatrist office.  I think Freud would have fun interpreting these. 
This is not what I usually do but then I usually are not sitting in a courthouse waiting to be called as a juror. Such it was a few years back and I filled a little doodle book with drawing like this while I was waiting. I leave it up to the viewer to figure out my state of mind. Imagine Monet having a  Picasso Moment.

These products are customizable.

Right now there are Poster Prints and Pillows Available

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