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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good News Article About Ginette's Painting

As an artist/painter, I express myself with paint. I am not really good with words so naturally I don't like to write much. I dabbled in poetry and writing once, but found painting to be my forte.

I often read articles that are written by authors who have a way with words and sometimes I read something that really is special. I guess we all have our gifts.I received an email yesterday and a pdf file attached with an article written by "Rupa Sengupta" of the Times of India. The article is called:

In The Wild Garden

In the paradise of the natural order, Ginette Callaway’s copperhead snake sheds the burden of its demonisation,

The Times of India is India’s most-read English newspaper and the World’s largest-selling English newspaper.

I knew they wanted to use one of my paintings for an article. I was approached a few months ago about it and I gave them permission. I thought it was just a picture they wanted for the snake festival article.Yesterday I received a copy of the article and to my surprise it was such a wonderfully written piece about the Okefenokee and my Painting "Copperhead Snake in the Okefenokee"!

Mr. Sengupta's words flow like poetry. I admit it brough tears to my eyes!

The article is art in itself. Bravo Mr. Rupa Sengupta, I thank you for your celebration of my piece of art, wrapped in such inspiring words.Read the article as PDF



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