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I am an artist painting in oil and watercolor. I work from my home based studio in Georgia.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pink Oriental Poppies

This is a new painting. I am in the process of making it available in my ETSY store today and even have a video to upload in to my other blog that shows the process of this painting. It's a watercolor only.
I often do watercolor and ink in this case there no ink.
It's a larger watercolor 22 x 30 inches on 300lb arches paper.

It's now available as a rint in my imagekind store.

See painting video HERE


Angela said...

I love it!

The New Monet said...

Thanks Angela!
Have you seen the video?

Angela said...

I've tried watching the video but can't seem to get it to load. I'll try again.

The New Monet said...

Angela I don't know if you've been to my new blog
where I post my videos

it's here

Angela said...

All I see is a picture of the painting, no video. Am I missing something? I tried clicking on it and nothing happened.

The New Monet said...

I created links to the video. Can you see them now?

Angela said...

I still can't seem to get it to come up. I see the title and a picture of the painting, but no video. Perhaps my computer doesn't support the type of video? I doubt that that is the reason, but I have no idea. I'm sad! I love watching you paint :). Thanks for trying to help! :)