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I am an artist painting in oil and watercolor. I work from my home based studio in Georgia.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

With my Jury duty behind me I can focus back on art. I've launched a new Zazzle store with mainly greeting and announcements cards. All created with my art & photography, drawings doodles and anything and everything creative.

Between painting, drawing, designing, filling my stores with "stuff" filling my imagekind store with prints, my ETSY store with original art etc etc my head is spinning sometimes.

BUT I love what I do and I wish I had more time. My biggest problem is having so many ideas and so little time. Can I please have another live !!! Ha!

When the time comes to go to bed I wish I could just keep going. I usually don't hit the pillow until 2 or 3 AM, sometimes even 4 AM. Up at nine or ten, right back to my studio that is pretty much what I do all week. Sometimes I go out to do some outside work. Design work for a local record label and photography. Of course I also take care of my fours cats and my garden, shipping and all the other stuff that we all have to do. Lots of work to do. I AM NEVER bored!

I hope you check out my Zazle stores nd decide to use my cards for your occations.

Holidays coming up and Birthdays and such.

Remember the cards can be customized, in other words you can change the text to your liking. If you need help please let me know.

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