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Friday, June 12, 2009

Garden Harvest June 2009

I am thrilled that I have been able to harvest a few things already from my garden.

It's really lots of work and the hardest part is trying to control, pests, fungus and other maladies that these plants can get and doing it without toxic chemicals.

The heat in Georgia is really something I could do without, especially the humidity!
If and when I move from here it will be to a more moderate cooler climate for sure.
Here are some pictures of what I harvested Wednesday.

I have some green beans, sweet peas,spinach,cow horn peppers,banana peppers,yellow pear tomatoes,green bell peppers,green squash,lots of sage,watermelon radishes,lots of parsley, one onion and chives galore. Plenty for supper for two.

After harvesting I put the spinach in to a bowl of ice cold water so it gets nice and crunchy again.

Below a nice bundle of Watermelon Radishes and Sweet peas

Here are the sliced Watermelon radishes

A scanned slice of watermelon radish

A nice salad with stuff from my own garden! This is the first year I planted watermelon radishes and I am thrilled they are hot and beautiful.

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