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I am an artist painting in oil and watercolor. I work from my home based studio in Georgia.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Two New Watercolor & Ink on ETSY

Newly Painted and listed on ETSY - CLICK IMAGES to go to my store


Beatriz Kim said...

Oh...how beautiful! How long does it take you to paint one? Have you thought of making a video and putting it on YouTube? Some of the videos are super popular!

Check out this artist...Danny Roberts. His blog is good too.


Have a wonderful day!

Beatriz Kim said...

Oh! I just saw your imagekind art! It's so beautiful! Can I use the purple colored one to post on my blog? Of course, to send some traffic your way!

The New Monet said...

Hi Beatriz,

You're a Sweet heart! Of course you can. You may us anyone you like.