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Friday, April 24, 2009

Two Oil Paintings - Olive Branches and Irises

Two oil painting now available in my ETSY Store.

The first picture was a painting I did a few months ago but after looking at it for a while it was too static, stiff and lacked life. I went to town on it and with large expressive knife strokes added more color and texture and excitement. See the listing by clicking HERE
This is another one of those paintings that I painted a while ago and now decided I don't like the colors.

To see it in my ETSY store CLICK HERE

BTW: I note about how to best view my art.

When I process my pictures I do it with little light in the room. No light is shining on my monitor and I don't have ceiling lights on. Since I have a basement studio I don't have outside lights shining on my monitor either.

I make my pictures look as close to the original as possible.

That means when you look at your monitor and you have lots of lights on in the room or reflections in your monitor the images will appear less vibrant. They are best viewed with lights off or just a lamp away from the monitor you are viewing. Of course your monitor contrast and color settings have an affect as well, but the difference is not major.

One of the great artist that i admire ad who's technique I study and love is Nicolai Fechin.

I love Russian artist, Russian impressionism very much. More on Fechin

Here is some of Fechin's work: Source for Images

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