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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Work In Progress 60 x 20 Oil Painting "SHARK"

This is a work in progress. I just started it and will post new pictures as it takes on shape.

(A side note. Up until now I Left the comment section open for anyone to comment without me moderating. I want to encourage free posting thinking that people are considered and intelligent. This morning I found a Chinese entity left not one or two, No 17 identical comments on this post alone. All of which were nothing but key word spamming for their crappy (can you tell I am ticked off) reproduction art. You can imagine how upset I was because I had to delete my post and post it again or delete each and every spam post. I have better things to do. What is wrong with Chinese people? That is absolute bully attitude. To spam my post with 17 identical comments no sentence, but just key words that all linked back to their Chinese repro art site.

I am not one to blanket criticize a whole people, but when it comes to most Chinese art places that I have encountered, they just have absolutely no respect for copyright, common courtesy just none, total bullies rude and inconsiderate. So now I will have to moderate each comment. In other words your comment won't show until I approve it. Obviously the comment section is meant to leave intelligent comments about that particular post, not to obscenely advertise your own art. If you like to have a plug for your art let me know by contacting me in a professional manner and if it fits and I like it, I may give you a plug. No more spam for crappy Chinese copycat art. All comments will be moderated.)

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