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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ginette's Studio

About my Studio

Last year we turned our basement part of our split level home in to my studio.

The basement up 'till then was a dark place that frequently flooded.
The flooding problem was mainly solved after we installed gutters around the house and an additional sump pump will make sure no more flooding.

Studio in progress

I invested in Full Spectrum lights 6500Kelvin 48" long Fluorescent with a CRI of 98 the highest I could find. Diameter T8 (1 inch). I will have 10 / 2 tube ceiling light fixtures. Six have been installed so far and the light is amazing. It was worth every penny. The bulbs are Lumichrome and I got them from budgetlighting.com. They shipped fast, packaged well and all in all I would buy from them again.

I have to say the best part so far are the lights. I was skeptical but I'm sold. I was weighting different full spectrum lights many recommended 5500K. I'm happy with the 6500 they provide a light that is almost identical to cool morning light. It's very easy on the eyes no glare and represent the colors in my paintings just as they look when viewed in daylight. I am able to work late in to the night and not know the difference. Another factor is they do not put out any heat. All of the lights are Energy Saving.

The whole basement is painted white with waterproofing paint. There won't be much fancy ceiling or otherwise flooring etc. I will be splashing and the last thing I want to worry about is messing anything up.

I have electrical outlets everywhere including on the ceiling which allows me to plug in a dryer or heat gun and not have cords on the floor.

I have hooks and nails in the wood floor beams that make up the ceiling and use them to hang paintings to dry.
That keeps them off the floor. I just have to watch my head.

I use closet shoe organizer for paints, brushes and such. See picture to the right. It works great. I can see the paints I have and it's flush to the wall and won't take up too much floor space.

One of my cats "Buster"

Ginette Packing A Painting

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