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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ginette's Successes Part One

My work has been very success full selling as prints on numerous webs sites.

One of them that has brought me recognition and success is art.com
I joined art.com as was excepted about three years ago. Approximately 300 of my works are available as prints directly through them.

Over time many of my prints have become very popular so that they show in the art on the verge section" which features best sellers so to speak.

One of them is: Forest Fog - Mystic Woods Painting.
This is a mixed media piece I painted a few years back. I can't remember which year exactly I would have to look it up. Maybe in 2004 It is very popular.

Buy at Art.com
Forest Fog - Mystic Woods Painting
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The most popular one is this piece. It derived from a watercolor and ink painting.
This is actually a section of the painting which make sit a wonderful modern cropped version and it's selling like hot cakes!

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Abstract Modern Sunflower Painting
Buy From Art.com

How do you find the Art One The Verge or as it is also called "Emerging Artists" section on art.com? Clikc on this banner and scroll to the bottom left hand side is says Collections / click on Emerging Artist.. you'll see my best selling prints there as well as other beautiful art.

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