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Monday, November 24, 2008

Gifts for Men - Why not art

With Christmas around the corner and many people celebrating various Holidays, I hope those of you that will present a loved on with a gift, will consider the gift of Art.

Art enriches our lives. We hold on to it, images that bring back memories or simply makes us smile. Such a gift will always be treasured.

Unlike a sweater that eventually will be out of style or a gadget that end up not being used, art is forever.

Many of my collectors are women and some of them are men.

I hope that you man or woman will think of the artist out there and consider buying handmade, hand painted originals to bring lasting joy to the recipient.
If you chose art try to learn about the artist.

I am a self representing artist and I will be around for many more years t come. It is likely my art will increase i value. Art is not a bad investment.
However for your purchase to be a possible investment make sure you do not buy prints.
Prints are fine and pretty and low cost but rarely an investment unless it is a signed and numbered fine art reproduction.Below are originals pieces of art that I created and there is more in my ETSY Store. Most of them have Free shipping.

Georgia Mountains in November - Original Impressionist Oil Painting by Ginette Callaway
2 Paintings Bobby Jones Swing Golf Painting Large Oil and Tiger Woods by Ginette Callaway

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